Lost Cowboys supplies wallcoverings and accent furniture in amazing recycled or sustainable materials in flabbergasted designs! All products are fully handcrafted.

Unique products that add the interior the WOW factor. Serving Interior designers and architects in Hospitality, Retail, Office or Residential projects. Our products are manufactered in The Netherlands and several Far East countries, where craftsmenship of natural products is highly developed. Creative materials and pure artisan ship are the bases for our amazing products

We allways searching our globe for materials that could be a unique bases for our wall coverings and furniture so our skilled local artisans turns this into real ARTworks. Standard is not in our collection and machine made processes are avoided as much as possible.

All products are designed In-House and we controll the production process. We frequently visit our factories to search and develop new materials and possibilities, but also to check human responsable production manners. We have close contacts with our suppliers and their skillsman, they are the back bone of our products that we respect in a great way. We are thankfull that we can use the inspiration and artistic skills of our local people! We are promoting economic developments in our factories regions such as Rajasthan / India, Middle Java / Indonesia and Northern Vietnam.  

Lost Cowboys creates interiors with a story and history;

We produce on demand and each project will be approched individual for a complete customized and detailed result! Please contact us for more information or samples.

                          C R E A T I V I T Y   R E I N V E N T E D .


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1260 AA  Blaricum

The Netherlands



Phone ; +31 85 105 04 13