Sand Storm Brass

Patinated solid BRASS sheet 0.5mm / 0.020" thick. Wall tiles available in

Sheets :

-25x25cm / 9.84"x9.84"

-25x50cm / 9.84"x19.69"

-50x50cm / 19.69"x19.69"

-50x100cm / 19.69"x39.37"

-20x100cm / 7.87"x39.37"

-100x200cm / 39.37"x78.74" ( full sheet = maximum size)


-45x45x1cm / 17.72x17.72x0.40"

-45x90x1cm / 17.72x35.43x0.40"

-90x90x1cm / 35.43x35.43x0.40"

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Panels with a fiber wood filling and a durable scratch proof coating!


Please contact us for outdoor installations and facade coverings with certified bonding system.

This metal sheet collection is a rich colorful creation of the patination of brass; an oxidize process with Mother Nature as talented artist.

*Weight per sq.meter = 3.5KG / 7.7 LBS

* Minimum order quantity = 6 square meter / 65 square feet

* production lead time = 3 weeks

* production = The Netherlands

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